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Members Resources

Here are some great resources to help you promote your opportunity traffic affiliate site and increase your earnings.

Online Blasters

1. Lifetime FFA Blaster
Simple as pie to Use. No downloads. Blast to millions 4 times a day.
2. Access uptapped Millions
Two Years in Developmet. Access uptapped Millions. Easy as pie to use. No downloads
3. Blast Your ads to Classifieds.
Your ad stays up for 14 days. Blast it once and have it hang around. Easy as pie to use. No downloads.
4. Autoblaster Will Knock Your Socks Off! AutoMail-It
Auto-Mail to Over 17,000 Today and Everyday.Set Your AD up once then Forget it.We Mail it out Automatically For You using Our Super Fast Servers.
5. Want something Done Right-Do It Yourself
Get your solo ads out when you want to Blast ot over 120,000 right now. Become a monthly member and pay laugably low prices for each of your ads.
6. Email 2.1 million
Can you handle a traffic Surge? Wait until you see this No software to download, No expertise required. All from your browser!

Safelists - Free and Paid

1. AD Pro-It's Irresistible , The Next Generation in
Ad Pro is exploding! Over 15,000 Members with 100's Joining Daily. Join Free or Pro
2. Online Detective Safelist-The Workhorse of safelis
Join free and mail to over 6000 membersJoin pro or executive and mail to over 16000 members
3. Large List Join Free or Pro
over 50,000 members and a very reposnsive list.
4. Over 30,000 Members Join free or Pro
Great responsive list. Join it free or pro.
5. Safelister -Credits Based safelist
Join free and build your credits to send or purchase them. Over 17,000 members.
6. Join For Free
Join free and build a listJoin Diamond and mail moreoften
7. Explode Your List
Build a list free or upgrade and mail more often.
8. Feelilng Lucky ?
Buidl a list of 100,000 by Next Monday
9. Double Opt in leads Fast
Responsive Double Opt-in Email Leads
10. Join For Free
Join free and build a list Join Diamond and mail more often.
11. Your 23 Million List
One of the best on the net
12. I Can Get You A Million Cheap...
Great All Paid List
13. All Paid Memebers Inexpensive
Mail to all paid Members

Places to Advertise

1. Is It A Picasso or a Rembrandt?
Pixel Advertising creates a clicking frenzy right to your site. It is one of the most unique and effective advertising methods to come onto the net in a long time
2. Buy A Gazillion of These
Expired Domain Redirect Traffic goes right to your site with visitors who were already searching in your category. Fabulous targeted advertising
3. Target By Category, Country and Keyword
Highly Targeted Advertising. The best you can find.
4. Send Your Offers To Contact Addresses
Reach from 5000 to 50,000 members at their contact addresses plus free bonus traffic
5. Send Your Solos To Ezines
Send your offers to over 76.000 ezine readers.
6. I Just Went Tagging- The Stats Are in on this Bran
100 unique hits to my site in just two day. This New kind of advertising Work. You must be a pro member to send.
7. .Most Effective Ads on the Planet...
Sliders....The Next Generation Love them or hate them, they are the most effective ads on the planet.
8. Want Submission Tools. Here they are
This site has more advertising tools in one place than you can shaake a stick at. Well worth the one time low price
9. Monetize Your FAD Site
Discover the secrets of Swap Clix! New methods combine the power of Google's AdWords and AdSense -never seen before!-
10. Advertise and Keep 100% of the Profits
Great Viral ADvertising at a rediculously low price. One of FAD's Top Picks.
11. I'll Put Your ad on 5 Million sites the easy way.
Submit to ad boards, classifieds, FFA and search engines
12. 200 Places To Advertise
Many free to join. Well researched site


1. A Page Turner and we mean it
One of the best ways to understand what you need to do to be an entrepeneur on the net

List Building

1. Five Lists for the Price Of One
Damnsmartmail is one of the oldest and best integrated list builders on the net You can own 5 lists for the price of one
2. Quality Autoresponder Leads
Looking for quality autoresponder leads Here are some of the freshest leads you can get at a price you can afford
3. Your ship just came in JV with the top marketers
Want to make Joint Ventures with some of the biggest marketers on the net This is the place you need to be
4. We build the List For You
Phil does all the work
5. My Mega List
Completely Free Build Five levels Deep
6. A 50000 opt in list in less than 14 days
We will build you your own list of50000 members or more in less than14 days or less train you how to use it and give you the products to sell
7. You can build an optin list easily
List Joe is one of the best list building sites on the net Make sure you pay attention to the one-time-offer Its awesome

Ad Copy

1. It All Depends On How You Say It
Here's the best advertising package you can buy on the net. Why.. * You get a variety of advertising campaigns in one pacakage which is what you need for the best

Have Fun

1. I'm a *Star* In The Internets First Soap Opera
Take a five minute break every week with Joe and Mable and listen while we poke fun at internet marketers. It's zany and whacky and we promise to make you laugh. Warning: Do not
2. Advertise With the Stars
Do You know Where These People Advertise? Jim Daniels, Ken McArthur, Mark Joyner, Joe Vitale, Mike Glaspie, Tom Hua, Eva Browne Patterson, Shawn Casey, George Callens, Holly


1. Janet Legere's CLB Ecourse-Simply Superb
Course to Get You Started on the Net some of the most informative and easy to follow information to get you completely set up and ready to work on the net. A must for everyone

Targeted Traffic

1. Premiun Targeted Traffic-A Must
I love targeted traffic.I buy tons of it everytime I can get my hands on it.It's essential to drive traffic to your site everyday-all the time. Target it and get the results you n
2. New and Unique and free Ways to Get Traffic
Mark Flavin's unorthodox Traffic techniques
3. Massive Traffic From an Expert
Ewen Chias Traffic

Free Lists

1. My Mega List
Free List Building
2. OMM Make it Work for You Join Free
Hot new list that you can mail to daily. Join free today.
3. MonkeyFreeAds Joinn Free Today
Get your ads out today. Free3 to Join so take advantage of it.


1. Where Professional Marketers Meet Weekly and Talk
Marketers tips, continuing ed
2. JM Marketing News You Can Use-Weekly Ezine
Get the lasterst news on Marketing ideas, online businesses info and how to make the net work for you.
3. Be The First to Know
When we hear about it. You hear about it. The cutting edge of ezines.
4. Advertise to Ezine Owners for 8.00
For ezine owners only

Heavy Hitters

1. We build the List For You
Phil does all the work
2. 50K Opt In list in 7 to 14 days
50k list in 7 to 14 days
3. Targeted Email Campaigns from 300K to 6 million
Target your mailings to Travel, Credit Card, Free Stuff, Debt Consolidation, Mortgage, Dating, Diet, Education, Insurance, Home Business.
4. Having a tough time selling your products...?
Press Release Pro get you noticed in a big way.
5. Simple As Simon
If you can point and click you can have your own cash pulling sites in under 30 minutes.

Linking Strategies

1. The Easiet Linking Strategy on the Planet
Allyn Cutts has created a simple solution to one of the most important traffic generation systmes that you need-A linking Strategy.

$10.00 and Under

1. No Website? No List? No Product? No Problem For 9.
Cash in Your Bank Account
2. It's So Easy When You Know How
Increase your conversion rate by 70% see how
3. For 9.95 Learn How it's done
From an Expert List Builder
4. A Costa Dedes Special
You can earn Big buskcs with this one

Business Tools

1. Onsuite of Great Tools
A must for any business on the net.

Hi Traffic Ads

1. The Way Around Email
Nothing like it on the net
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