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You're going to love this cool advertising tool too...

Jane, You and Phil have done it again!

I am so impressed with your Opportunity Traffic, that I got TWO! "Online Business Opportunity" and "Work From Home". My Team is growing everyday by just knowing you and Phil. Everyone should grab up the few remaining keyword phrases left, right now!

Bill Connelly
Director, Success University

xylene.jpg (4328 bytes) "Wow, Opportunity Traffic will be one of the best on the web!

So easy to get your links up. Members' links are displayed on the homepage, really great idea! But, what I like most is the commission structure. Even as a Free Member, you get 20% commissions of your first level, and an additional 5% on your second level, that's awesome. I highly recommend this unique traffic program."

Xylene B.W.

I love Opportunity Traffic because of the simple, yet revolutionary concept it uses;

I get to choose my own keywords or select from a list of the most searched keyword terms on the internet is brilliant, so I know my hit count is going to go through the roof. Once I realized how effective this new marketing technique was I jumped all over like a duck on a JuneBug, and you should too.

Ricardo Weatherly

Joe & Mable,

I want to thank you for presenting another wonderful opportunity, "Opportunity Traffic".

This is another one of your great ideas. And I can see that you do it to help the members that advertise with you, and searchers that find you and your members. It's like "Maximum Exposer", because of the uniqueness of Opportunity Traffic. Because of your keywords on OT working OT, your members will be glad they chose you to advertise with.

Thank you once again.
Michael Clark

Hi Jane and Phil,

Marketing on the Internet is about taking advantage of opportunities for exposure. Opportunity Traffic is such an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Aziz Jangbar

Hi Jane & Phil,
tomhaley.jpg (3654 bytes) Thank you for making OpportunityTraffic such a valuable keyword resource for all members to promote their website. I believe that everyone who is serious about building their online business can benefit from advertising their website using choice keywords. I especially like the Downline Builder aspect as I am a Pro Lifetime member of both TAD and FAD and I am building big downlines in both programs with the synergistic advertising provided while at the same time using the Featured Ad to promote my primary "Earn Income" business.

Tom Haley

Hi Jane & Phil,

Doing business on the net is about many things. It’s about integrity: The VERY BEST that can be. It’s about support: Amazingly prompt, just an e-Mail away. It’s about advertising: Help is provided, it is even done for You. It’s about resources: they are provided. (Tried, Tested And True). It’s about team work: They have it. The best there is. It’s about tools: They have them, or suggestions are freely given. It’s about the links: There are many, to help you succeed. It’s about lists: They are here, to explode your downline. It’s about pleasant surprises: One never knows what the next one will be.

I have personally experienced all the above from JPEMarketing and Opportunity Traffic. (Probably more than my share). To Jane and Phil, I am truly grateful for all their profitable programs and all the very courteous prompt support I have received. I am convinced their greatest joy comes from seeing their members succeed. We are so blessed to have people like this on the web.

Gratefully Yours
Barb Kitzmann

Hello Guys,

Opportunity Traffic is definitely one of the better advertising promotions to hit the web in a long time. A tremendous way to have your site shown. Thanks to Phil Basten, Jane Mark of JPE Advertising for a good move for marketers.

Neville Swaby.

Hi Phil and Jane,

DonArtis.jpg (4344 bytes) "Thanks for bringing this fantastic advertising program to us. In my opinion, Opportunity Traffic will change the face of internet advertising for ever and is truly a master piece of art. I've seem a lot of this type of advertising on the net, but nothing compares to Opportunity Traffic for being straight-forward and easy to use. I have purchased five spots and I'm delighted to report that the value in Opportunity Traffic far exceeds the purchase price over anything else out here today.

I have also shared Opportunity Traffic with a few of my business partners and the verdict is in... That this is the most cost efficient way to get your message out to the masses for quick results and make Big Money at the same time."

Don Artis

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